Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Climate is changing everywhere

An interesting fact (for me) is that the change of the climate is not actually something happening far, far away from us (or at least me).

It is well-known that one of the most famous ski resorts of Europe locates in Alps and particularly in Austria

Everything is built perfectly from the infrastructure point of view. Routes are different for all skills levels and slopes are wide enough to accommodate a lot of people. Unfortunately everything becomes a bit worse if we consider weather as well. Surprisingly good, sunny and warm weather (good for the ordinal person) are not so good from the skiing perspective. The warm winter means no show and therefore the only available skiing resorts are on glaciers. Moreover even on glaciers the sunny condition and no snow mean that you will have to ski on ice (although it is white and made from pressed snow). You will notice it very easily during the morning time. Of course, snow will appear on the blue routes in the end of ends since skies will produce some while people are „drilling“, but not on the red routes- The most important consequence of it – there is an increased risk to fail and got something broken. Fortunately, in my case, consequence was a bit softer than „broken“ but still such serious that I had to treat it during a month. I have also seen an increased probability by my own eyes: during the day a helicopter came twice to take over to hospital seriously injured persons and a lot of others were visiting the local med-centre.

So, if you have no replacements for different parts of your body then be extremely carefully visiting skiing resorts or avoid them for certain time.... although I don’t expect snow the next year as well considering last seasons.

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