Monday, 14 April 2008

An open letter to VW: Usability / Answer

Today I got an official answer from VW saying:

With reference to your remarks in connection with the instrument panel readings, please allow us some explanations:

The choice of the illumination colours in Volkswagen vehicles has been subject to several customer studies. The blue background and red pointer illumination make up a high contrast together. This leads to a simple and quick recognition of the pointer position, which contains the necessary information for the driver.

The visibility angle of the human eye is higher with blue than with green light; therefore the instruments can be watched even when the view is not straightly directed on an instrument.

All these relevant factors have lead us to choose the given colour combination.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to avoid that difficulties may occur in individual cases - since an automobile producer, as you will certainly appreciate, sometimes has to make compromises.

May we, in closing, thank you for informing us of your opinion.

Yours sincerely,
i.V. Michelina Lauriola Maenza i.V. Karin Gaedecke

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