Friday, 22 October 2010

On incorrect attitude of being agile

Another interesting article that races important questions: "Bad attitudes of Agile".

First of all the common believe into the self-organising leads a lot of people to a believe that managers are not needed any longer. Well, although it is partly true, self-organising is an important aspect of been agile, still there is no points to underestimate the role of manager and its duties, which can be fulfilled by people under different labels (names).
1. The leadership role. Somebody need to draw the line following which we arrive to the success and encourage the team in difficult times
2. The secretary or administrative role. We all would like to be self-organised, but don't want to be organising meetings, keeping notes and putting together a budget. Hey, we are developers and that is what we will be doing - is the biggest mistake to make as it produces a chaos instead

Secondly. The iterational development leads us to a believe that there is no end date (we are done right after everything is developed). We easily forget that each iteration should be a ready to deliver software, especially basing on the fact that several iterations in the beginning will not be such. So instead of saying: there is a deadline with a varying content we say - no deadline

Finally the motto "all are equal and no docs" are clearly over prioritised. We cannot build a document in the beginning especially the full one, since we don't know how the prioritisation will be during, what will be added or skipped, how we change the project after each demo. But it doesn't mean we should not keep the track of made decisions and do not doc the functional behaviour of the software. How we later can test it or let know customers how to use without it? Regarding testers. Well everybody is equal and this system is a socialism. In fact "some persons are more equal than others" :) - practically the software engineering skills and much more rare than software testing skills and therefore it is sometimes impractical to make all tests unless we luck testing resources. So we need testing and we need a constant testing of being in development and released software to guarantee a certain level of quality

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