Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Popularity of programming languages

Have a problem to pick up a programming language to learn?

First of all decide, what area you are most interested in (embedded dev: C, C++; commercial: Java, C#, VB, PHP etc; Logical: LISP etc) and then follow the programming languages popularity chart below (which was compiled by TIOBE Software).

The more a language is in use the higher the probability you will find a workplace if you know it.

As usually there is an exception for persons who are smart and brave enough to follow it: the less a language is common (spread among devs) the higher salary gets the persons who knows it... but there is a high risk that you will not find a company interested in hiring you (especially in such a small country like EE)

PS: Ideally you should know 2-3 language from TOP-10.
although you are likely to be a professional in only one of them using it constantly.

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